“We had the pleasure of working with Kimco Construction in the completion of an unfinished home we purchased.  The purchase presented unique obstacles because the permits were out of date and the Code had changed in the interim.  Kimco was professional and reliable in overcoming these issues and worked with the County to get the building back on track.  They were excellent at communication, which on a long distance construction project was often challenging.  The workmanship was outstanding and their ongoing support after the completion of construction has been fantastic.  We would recommend them without hesitation”
     Joost Heerche and Evelyn Huber
     Orangeville, ON & Englewood, FL

"We have a small beach house on Manasota Key which was built in the 50s. We engaged Suncoast Architects to see what we could do to get more living space and a new kitchen. After the plans were well along, we were introduced to Kimco. Together with the architect, they helped us make some changes to the plans which optimized the use of space. Their willingness to go through the tedious detail about how space would be used and configured made a strong contribution to our satisfaction with the finished work. At every stage of the project, they were thoughtful, honest, patient, thorough and very good at their work. They treated the project as if it were their own as did the subs they brought in. They were extremely fair about pricing and had our best interests in mind throughout. Even though we were in Chicago during the construction, we felt confident that the work was going on as if we were there. We couldn't imagine a firm that we could recommend more highly."

     Mary Mittler and Mary Olson
     Des Plaines, IL & Manasota Key, FL

"In 2011 my wife and I bought a short sale as a vacation home that required extensive renovation. We selected Kimco as our general contractor and can recommend them without hesitation. We reside 1,200 miles away so could not supervise the construction, but there was no need. Kimco took care of every detail and kept us informed (via phone, email, and photos) as the job progressed. All subcontractors did an exceptional job (especially the cabinet maker, floor tiler, and painter). Kimco provided a budget and the final number was right on (with the exception of some unforeseen items). The house was transformed from an outdated 1970's layout to a modern, bright, and livable home. If you are thinking of hiring a contractor to remodel or build a home in the Englewood area, Kimco is professional, reputable, and great to work with. Kimco would be a GREAT choice as general contractor for any project."

       Joe and Kathy Macklin
       Springfield, IL & Englewood, FL

"It was a pleasure working with Kimco. I was very concerned about doing construction in South Florida after hearing about the contractor horror stories here. The individuals at Kimco communicated all aspects of the job and time requirements. The construction came in on time and under our budget. The integrity, quality and supervision of subcontractor requirements made our construction project a pleasure, (a rarity). I would refer and recommend Kimco to all my friends and associates."

     Terry G. Rudd
     Cary, NC & Manasota Key, FL

"This project has really been a pleasure and Barb and I are thrilled with the final outcome. Jeff was there every step of the way. We would be proud to be a reference to any prospective customers."

     Neil Jackson
     Scituate, MA & Englewood, FL

"Trustworthy... this is the word I would use to describe the folks at Kimco Construction. Whether it's a simple fix of a leaky toilet, replacing a hot-water heater, or a complex custom interior remodel of my home, I know I can count on Kimco Construction to get the job done right and at a reasonable price. They are professionals at what they do and always a pleasure to work with."

     Doug Houghton
     Freehold, NJ & Englewood, FL

"Early in 2008 I found a house near the beach in a superb location. I can say that the house was not in superb condition, in fact far from it. It was built in 1980 and had not had anything done to it since. Not living locally I was concerned with how I would buy a house needing this much work and not being there to monitor it. After meeting with Kimco and explaining what we wanted done, they made some suggestions and the work got started. I was pleasantly surprised with the costs quoted as they were not near what I expected. Kimco's knowledge of the unique Florida building codes made for a very fast remodel. Everything was done right the first time so there were no delays by the local building department. Kimco kept us informed during the entire project by way of phone calls and emailing pictures, we felt as if we were on site during the entire project. I would highly recommend Kimco to any friends and family that may plan on joining us here in Florida. Kimco's attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed."

     Don Mac Lean
     Mattawan, NJ & Englewood, FL

"I was recommended to Kimco by word of mouth, the best form of advertising, and have not been disappointed. I employed Kimco as contractors on a 2,200 sq. ft. addition to my already large property on 1 1/2 acres not far from Manasota Beach. As I am not a full time resident, it was comforting to know that my interests were being looked after on the build and the work being carried out by the sub contractors was being monitored to ensure a professional finish. They are not only extremely competent contractors but also very likeable people who will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with their services. I would recommend Kimco, without hesitation, to anyone considering the services of a Florida licensed contractor and would be pleased to give personal references should you need to contact us."

     Alan and Mary Rutter
     Cheltenham, UK & Englewood, FL